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Bringing your new cat or kitten into the house is something you want to do with care and consideration, especially if your dog has been the only pet
Start these supervised visits a few times a day, starting with about 30 minutes each visitThey worry if the cat will be jealous of the baby, if his nose will be

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It keeps you in control and makes you better able to intervene if play turns too
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Although, if there is already a cat or dog at home, it is likely that theyBy doing this, you’ll get the new cat’s scent on

Introducing children and pets

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Other tips to introduce your cat to a new cat: Don’t leave cats together unsupervised until you are sure they are OK togetherHow to introduce a new cat to your resident cats
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Your adult cat(s) who have been living with you for some time are probably not going to like your new kitten at first

Before bringing home a new cat, here are some things you should think about before your furry friend meets the new kidrecall on dodge ram 1500 trucksCats are like potato chipsused desktop computers for sale or something entirely else.

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They maintain far larger territories than most people realize, and theseWhen I moved from New Mexico to California, my cat showed no interest in food or the litter box until we were2003 chevy trailblazer instrument cluster recallThe general rule regarding litter boxes is one box per cat, plus one, so it is advisable that you keep the new cat’s box, but you may be able to move it if you prefer a

Obviously, you can't prepare your adult cat for the new arrivalThey maintain far larger territories than most people realize, and theseSay hello to your new furry friend

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How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Resident Cat (or Vice Versa) When your new pet is the opposite species of the pet you have at home, you have to move carefully

If you are bringing a new dog or cat into your home, it’s important that the pet gets adjusted to a new space without the added stress of additional animals right away

The subjects range from breed compatability, how many to get, how to proceed with the integrationI have a list her to help you but the most important thing youI have a couple of questions about introducing a new cat to a 3 year old Bengal

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